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WAR Movie Posters

Not as many here as I'd like, too many people also collect them making them expensive. This genre was made for dramatic art after all. I like the ones I have though.

These were a staple for Sunday afternoon TV, Christmas Day, Easter bank holiday and all the other major religious festivals, hm, funny that...


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Junior Army (1942) Quad

Freddie Bartholomew * Billy Halop * Huntz Hall * Bobby Jordan * Boyd Davis

Mid war poster preparing kids for the idea they would be doing their bit soon it just me or does it look like he is wearing lipstick? Don't ask, don't tell...

Beachhead 1954 Quad UK Poster Beachhead (1954) Quad

Tony Curtis * Frank Lovejoy * Mary Murphy * Eduard Franz * Skip Homeier * John Doucette

The US Poster was done by somebody who actually knows what Tony Curtis looks like and made more of the female star of the film too. This UK version shows the less well know scene where he goes in search of some butter for his toast.

The Raid 1954 Quad Poster The Raid (1954) Quad

Van Heflin * Anne Bancroft * Richard Boone * Lee Marvin * Tommy Rettig * Peter Graves


D-Day The Sixth of June 1956 Quad Poster D-Day The Sixth of June (1956) Quad Art: Jock Hinchliffe

Robert Taylor * Richard Todd * Dana Wynter * Edmond O'Brien


The Man Who Never Was 1956 Quad poster The Man Who Never Was (1956) Quad

Clifton Webb * Gloria Grahame *  Robert Flemyng * Josephine Griffin .* Stephen Boyd


Count Five and Die 1958 Quad poster Count Five and Die (1958) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Jeffrey Hunter .* Annemarie Düringer * Nigel Patrick

Desert Hell 1958 Quad Poster Desert Hell (1958) Quad Attributed: Jock Hinchcliffe

Brian Keith * Barbara Hale * Richard Denning * Johnny Desmond


In Love and War 1958 Quad Poster In Love and War (1958) Quad

Robert Wagner * Dana Wynter * Jeffrey Hunter * Hope Lange * Bradford Dillman * Sheree North


China Doll 1958 Quad Poster China Doll (1958) Quad

Victor Mature * Li Hua Li * Ward Bond * Bob Mathias * Johnny Desmond * Stuart Whitman

7 Women From Hell 1961 Quad British poster 7 Women From Hell (1961) Quad Art: Jock Hinchliffe

Patricia Owens * Denise Darcel * Cesar Romero * John Kerr * Margia Dean * Yvonne Craig * Pilar Seurat * Sylvia Daneel * Richard Loo * Evadne Baker

Early blueprint for Tenko set in New Guinea where assorted women have been put into a concentration camp by the invading Japanese. The British quad poster has had all the color washed out of it compared to the US and One sheet versions, more or less the same art but reduced to a pink tinted monochrome.

The Guns of Navarone 1961 rerelease UK poster The Guns of Navarone (1961) Quad re-release Art: Howard Terpning

Gregory Peck * David Niven * Anthony Quinn * Stanley Baker * Anthony Quayle * James Darren * James Robertson Justice * Richard Harris

If you grew up in England you will remember this from countless bank holidays, Sunday afternoons and summer schedule gaps. It's a classic and still worth watching. This looks to be a later re-release, probably one of those bank holidays.

A Gathering of Eagles 1963 Quad A Gathering of Eagles (1963) Quad

Rock Hudson * Rod Taylor * Mary Peach * Barry Sullivan * Kevin McCarthy * Henry Silva

The 7th Dawn 1964 Quad UK POster The 7th Dawn (1964) Quad Attributed Howard Terpning

William Holden * Susannah York * Capucine * Tetsuro Tamba * Allan Cuthbertson * Maurice Denham

Zulu 1964 rerelease poster Zulu (1964) Quad review reissue Style B

Stanley Baker * Jack Hawkins * Ulla Jacobsson * James Booth * Michael Caine

Still hoping for an original release version of this, one of my earliest memories of my Dad taking me to the cinema, even had one of my friends of the time along. I have seen it several times since and it is still one of my favorites. My dad's father was from Brecon and a South Wales Borderer.

Andrew, a retired film publicist was kind enough to give me some backstory on this poster.

633 Squadron 1964 1 Sheet Poster 633 Squadron (1964) 1 Sheet Signature Donald E Simpson???

Cliff Robertson * George Chakiris * Maria Perschy * Harry Andrews * Donald Houston

Still on the quest for a Quad even though the art is not quite as good. Anyone make out the signature on this one?

Von Ryan's Express - Our Man Flint Poster Frank McCarthy - Bob Peak Von Ryan's Express (1965) Attributed: Frank McCarthy Our Man Flint (1965) Bob Peak

Frank Sinatra * Trevor Howard * Raffaella Carra * Brad Dexter * Sergio Fantoni * John Leyton * Edward Mulhare * James Brolin

James Coburn * Lee J. Cobb * Gila Golan * Edward Mulhare * Shelby Grant * Sigrid Valdis * Gianna Serra * Helen Funai * Russ Conway

Well my already ropey genre categorization can't cope with this double bill, so I am putting it in War because I don't have as many posters there. Plus, I one day aspire to having the Our Man Flint solo quad. It is an odd pairing, Ryan s an exciting war film but also quite dark, seeing poor old Raffaella shot in the back by our hero has stuck with me. Whereas the first of two outings for Coburn's Flint is a lighthearted and campy spy caper without as many dead female agents piling up as in a Matt Helm movie.

The Blue Max 1966 Quad Poster The Blue Max (1966) Quad Art: Frank McCarthy

George Peppard * James Mason * Ursula Andress


The Sand Pebbles 1966 Quad Poster The Sand Pebbles (1966) Quad Art: Howard Terpning

Steve McQueen * Richard Attenborough * Richard Crenna * Candice Bergen


The Young Warriors 1967 Quad Poster The Young Warriors (1967) Quad

James Drury * Steve Carlson * Jonathan Daly * Robert Pine

The Green Berets 1968 Quad UK Poster The Green Berets (1968) Quad Art Attrib: Frank McCarthy

John Wayne * David Janssen * Jim Hutton * Aldo Ray

The Devil's Brigade 1968 Quad Poster The Devil's Brigade (1968) Quad Art: Sandy Kossin

William Holden * Cliff Robertson * Vince Edwards * Michael Rennie

Battle of Britain (1969) Quad reissue 1970?

Michael Caine * Trevor Howard * Curt Jurgens* Ian McShane * Kenneth More * Laurence Olivier * Susannah York

Before glue was for sniffing, it was for building fleets of Heinkels for your lone Airfix Hawker Hurricane to wipe out. Every small boy in England looked forward to a holiday re-release of the Battle of Britain, looking at the date my calculations suggest June 25th was on a Thursday in 1970 which seems a reasonable date for this poster. I would love the original release version but this one still has the dog fighting Bf109 and Spitfire to keep me happy until I win the Lottery.

Waterloo 1970 Quad Poster Eric Pulford Renato Fratini Waterloo (1970) Quad Attributed Eric Pulford/Renato Fratini

Rod Steiger * Christopher Plummer * Orson Welles * Jack Hawkins * Virginia McKenna * Ian Ogilvy * Michael Wilding * Terence Alexander * Donal Donnelly

Finding this poster reminds me that Dad went to see it when it came out, and came back with a nice brochure they gave out at the cinema all about it. Hm, I feel a trip to the attic coming on next time I'm back...

Zeppelin 1971 Quad British poster Zeppelin (1971) Quad Attributed Tom Chantrell

Michael York * Elke Sommer * Peter Carsten * Marius Goring * Anton Diffring * Andrew Keir * Rupert Davies * Alexandra Stewart

Ah, one of those posters it was so satisfying to find. Took me a while but didn't cost me a fortune for a change. Another one I very well recall dad taking me to see but even without the memory this is a great looking poster.

Frauleins in Uniform 1973 Quad Frauleins in Uniform (1973) Quad (German Eine Armee Gretchen)

Carl Möhner * Birgit Bergen * Renate Kasché

Hm, exploitation? Do you really think so? Haven't seen the movie but the art is, um, interesting.

Battle of Midway 1976 Quad poster The Battle of Midway (1976)  Quad

Charlton Heston * Edward Albert * Henry Fonda * James Coburn * Glenn Ford

Planes, Submarines and explosions, great art for payback time.

Aces High 1976 Quad Poster Aces High (1976) Quad Art: Eddie Paul

Malcolm McDowell * Christopher Plummer * Simon Ward * Peter Firth

Chocks Away!

Salon Kitty 1976 Quad Poster Salon Kitty (1976) Quad

Helmut Berger * Ingrid Thulin * Teresa Ann Savoy * John Steiner

Interesting if dodgy image, there is also a more explicit version with a naked chorus line in the background.

The Red Nights of The Gestapo 1977 Quad Poster The Red Nights of The Gestapo (1977) Quad Italy Le lunghe notti della Gestapo

Ezio Miani * Fred Williams * Francesca Righini * Rosita Torosh * Isabelle Marchall

Every genre has it's exploitive sub-category, for war films that would be the nasty Nazi nudie. As far as the art goes it's really been phoned in, a b&w blow-up from a colour film? Considering the depravity they are catering to the image is pretty tame. A dirty dozen of Nazi nypho's, surely they could have come up with something more lurid than this?

Zulu Dawn 1979 Quad Poster Zulu Dawn (1979) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Burt Lancaster * Simon Ward * Denholm Elliott * Peter Vaughan * James Faulkner * Christopher Cazenove * Bob Hoskins

This is not as good a film as the original Zulu but better poster art in my opinion. I Still want the outrageously priced 64 original but it will have to wait until I can afford parting with that arm and a leg.

Lion of the Desert 1981 Quad Lion of the Desert (1981) Quad Art: Brian Bysouth

Anthony Quinn * Oliver Reed * Rod Steiger * Irene Papas * John Gielgud

Lili Marleen 1981 Quad Poster Lili Marleen (1981) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell

Hanna Schygulla * Giancarlo Giannini * Mel Ferrer

Hm, stockings, hat and Nazi background...where have I seen that theme before?

Mata Hari 1985 Quad Poster Mata Hari (1985) Quad

Sylvia Kristel * Christopher Cazenove * Oliver Tobias * Gaye Brown * Gottfried John * William Fox

I remember much excitement in the UK press when this was being made, she was a controversial figure with her alleged history being questioned by now. It was a terrible flop, never got round to seeing it based on the reviews.

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