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I am still learning...

As I have mentioned, I bought most of these blind, knowing very little about them beyond what I could see with my own two eyes. I was originally looking for Hammer posters, when they escalated in price I went for Brit comedy. Now I collect anything I like the look of, reminds me of something and that I can afford. Maybe not the most discriminating but with the market ever moving beyond my reach it's the best I can do.

If I am forced to spend less time buying and more time appreciating what I already have, then I would like to learn more about them all. It's not that easy, the books of posters around are mainly more like catalogs, with very little info beyond release dates. Most of the comments here from me you will find trivial at best, just my raving on what I remember about the film, why I bought the poster or stating the obvious about what the picture shows. I have credited the Artist where I can but most of these are not signed. If they are signed, then I have tried to remember to say "Signature" on the artist attribution. Sometimes I put who the dealer says the artist is but you can probably only count the Signature annotated ones as gospel.

I put this site up hoping to attract the attention of fellow collectors more knowledgeable than me who might volunteer information. If you know who did them, let me know!

Although my respect of copyright might seem a bit suspect, I don't believe in plagiarism and will attribute and credit any information you might volunteer. I will also be happy include links to other collectors or dealers.


I have a bunch of poster books, mainly American, that just reproduce the poster images. I am sure a Google search will turn them up but they aren't useful for learning more about the artists.

The only book I have read that provides real information is Sim Branaghan's, British Movie Posters.

British Film Posters: An Illustrated History

Sim Branaghan, Edited by Steve Chibnall

288pp pages, Colour Illustrations Published December 2006

Paperback ISBN: 1844572218

Hardback ISBN: 1844571483

I highly recommend this book! Sim talks about many of the posters featured on this site and the artists behind them. I could have added some of the many interesting facts he has to say here but that would feel like massive plagiarism. Just go buy the book, it is bloody brilliant.

If the link still works, you can read Sim talking about this at Liverpool Museum:


As people offer information, I will list their attributions here linked to a flag back to the comments they made. Let me know how much info on who you are you want to provide if you are listed here. I don't want to expose you to spam but am happy to include links or email if you want me to.

D -

Dave S Re: Seventh Voyage of Sinbad - Watch Out We're Mad

 I noticed you weren't sure of the date of the 7th Voyage of Sinbad/Watch  Out, We're Mad double bill. It's 1975. I think (but I'm not sure) it was  the  first UK reissue of 7th Voyage since it's first run. There was certainly a  big hooha about it, ads on the telly etc. I persuaded my Dad to take me to  see it and although I think he quite enjoyed Sinbad, he nearly bust a gut  hysterically laughing at Watch Out, We're Mad. I don't think he even knew  why he found it so funny, it's just one of those times that you're in the  right mood. Another little kid who'd obviously emotionally blackmailed his  Dad into going to see it was sitting in front of us, and he kept turning  around to see who this fellow was, howling & wiping the tears from his  eyes.  I like to think he was just jealous because his Dad was sitting in stony  silence..   I've never seen Watch Out, We're Mad since so I can't say how it looks  now.  But anyway, the double bill was 1975.

Andrew Blake Re: Zulu and Raides of the Lost Ark

The Zulu quad you have is an original, I worked on this film when it came out. We did a full colour quad with a kind of miniature battle at the base of the title & the quad you own. It was followed up about a year later by a brown, red & white version almost identical to the black version, but it has "it's back' along the top.

My last film before retiring was Raiders Of The Lost Ark. There are 2 versions of the quad you have for the re - issue. 1 states the 'film that brought you Indiana Jones' & the other is 'thrill a minute' just thought you may find this interesting.

Wonderful to see some movies I worked on & boy were some a hard sell!

The truth is you can blame the video age for what we have now & of course the ego & agents of the stars & studios. But Video boxes had to be exact as to the movie & not the imagination. If you ever get the chance to pick up Orca - Killer Whale we were advised by the BBFC in the UK to put a disclaimer that the poster was just an impression of the film & not what was in the film! go figure?

I started out in the CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Company, actually working with Norman Jewison. In those days it was all new & the US as now ran the entire film industry. Norman went to the USA & became a very popular director with many famous movies, me I ended up in Europe for Warner Brothers. Although with the way the UK ran it's film industry I was often on loan to other studios.

You ask about artists, well except for the few we were an unappreciated lot, only the few Amsel, Alvin, Frazzetta, Struzan were really 'wowed' the rest of us it was just another movie & another day in the office.

A lot of the time we were not allowed to sign the work, as it belongs to the studio or production company.

But it's nice that people such as yourself have some & allow them to be on the net.

If my ramblings are of use, please feel free to use what you wish, they are the few memories of a retired film publicist & there are 100's of us with a million stories that is for sure.

I have a fondness for quads as the extra lay out area gave you more chance to be creative, alas the 1 - sheet was very restrictive, but my compatriots over here in the USA & Canada would disagree, as most dislike the quad & for many years have tried to get the UK to do away with it.



Gary A. Smith Re: Amicus and Doug McClure, comments from email quoted with permission.

Uneasy Dreams: The Golden Age of British Horror Films, 1956-1976 by Gary A. Smith Permalink:

The info appears in a book I wrote on British horror films for which I interviewed Max Rosenberg. Max said "Doug McClure was a nice guy and he was just the type of leading man we were looking for. He was married to my secretary."

Movie Poster Collecting on The Web

Lots of sites, but again hard to find good information. I hang out at these forums:

Where they are frequently kind enough to help decipher signatures and provide details.

I have found some dealers that have been very informative, so I will give them some free advertising here:

I found quite a lot of information at these collecting portals:

If none of these films are familiar, go look them up here first, I love the full on British humor on this site:

...and, while we're here...Links I have enjoyed: - Dedicated to Harry H Corbett and WIlfrid Brambell, if the posters made you wonder about them, well, here you go!




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